You have hurt me so much

I was always there for you.

You just hurt me and 

says sorry all the time.

I can't look in your eyes anymore.

My heart is broken, my brain

is empty and My feelings are hurt.

You were my only one, my star in my eyes,

I told you everything about me 

but you were not interested.

You told me: , I have feelings but no

time for you' I thought What the fuck?

I thought you love me but you dont' want to see me?

I was dead.I felt empty.

Now it's over.

I never wanted to hurt you!

But i have to go it would be the best for us.

I wrote this with tears in my eyes.

I could all the time cry, but i have to be


Please don't get in contact with me I can't talk with you anymore.

But  I still love you for ever....
10.12.09 21:03
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Nazuki / Website (11.12.09 13:30)
Du hast wohl den Kontakt zu einem geliebten Menschen abgebrochen, weil es nicht mehr ging. Ich kenn das nur zu gut, dass ist echt schwer!

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